LMS Software

Accurate and easy platform for productivity tracking

Accurate and easy do-it-yourself time tracking and productivity software that makes it easy to get real results.

We made sure that you can study in the best way for you

Online intensive

With Online Intensive LMS SOFTWARE, you get everything you need to realize the potential of learning management. Built by educators for educators, our complete solution can help drive the results that matter most to your school.

Recorded video lessons

Recorded video lessons are an effective and engaging way to impart knowledge to your students. They can be played back as many times as a student wants and they enhance the learning experience by allowing students to rewind, pause and fast forward through lessons. 

How to publish

You'll know how to schedule your social media campaigns

This course is perfect for anyone who runs their own business and wants to learn how to schedule an effective social media campaign that will get results.

How to engage

Discover how to build relationships with your audience

LMS Is an excellent “out of the box” solution for anyone looking to take their WordPress website to the next level. Use this tool to enroll users in courses, provide course materials, and share homework assignments and other quizzes with your students.

How to analyze

Find out how to measure and report the performance of your content

Many LMS software solutions have developed and adopted various measurement, reporting, and evaluation features, which provide learning managers with powerful insight into the effectiveness of their training programs.

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